Hello, and welcome to the Guaranteed Famous On The Internet Lie Subtitles for Advent Children! Baked up fresh for you by Whitney, with 100% of your daily RDA of jokes about hipsters and Mormons.

The Subtitles:
.srt version
.zip of .srt version
.ssa version

Torrents of the Movie, Which May or May Not Still Have Seeds, and For Which I Take No Legal Responsibility:

Raw file

How To Make It Work:

To start with, I suggest you use this media player: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
Mostly because I'm not sure how to make a subtitle file work with any other type of player. If you are smarter than me when it comes to this, I suggest you follow your bliss.
Go to open file, and select the video file from 'Browse'.
Then, click 'subtitle options' off, then hit 'Browse', and select the subtitle file in the top 'browse' box.
Then apply and everything should play!

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